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APA Referencing (via Collaborate, ACST time)

Introduction to APA Referencing

Not used APA Referencing style before or just need a bit of a refresher? The introductory class will cover the basics of APA Referencing including:

  • Location of APA Referencing Guide and how to use it
  • Format of In-text and Reference List
  • Creating hanging indent

Classroom link: https://au.bbcollab.com/guest/d7e58c2b829347b0b06dc33d6e41d244

How do I access an online class?

We recommend Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Copy and paste the link above into your browser to access the tutorial at the allocated time.

If you have a headset for your computer – headphones and microphone - check that all is working by running the Audio Wizard before the class begins. Without headphones or microphone, you can hear through your computer speakers (turn up your volume) and you will ‘speak’ by texting us via chat. You’ll still be in the room and will ‘see’ us all. Many computers also have built-in microphones.

If your sound is breaking up, it may mean you have problems with the internet download speed in your area, so stay in the room, and make a free-call to speak and hear the class on the phone. At the same time, because you’re in the room, you’ll see what’s happening. The free-call number is 1800 984 057. You can also emaillearnlinesupport@cdu.edu.au.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019
9:00am - 10:00am
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Lisa Ban